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  • Amazon Ads for your e-commerce: Yes or no?
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    Welcome to the Amazon Ads category of the blog, also called, “Amazon Advertising” which presents Amazon’s own advertising platform. In this news page, you will find news about the latest updates from the e-commerce giant. In our various blog posts, we will explain how to properly advertise on Amazon. Understanding the terms of sale and the optimization possibilities that will allow you to be a top player in this e-commerce strategy. Consult our experts for a marketing strategy on Amazon ads.  Whether it’s selling your products, building your brand or the ‘’Amazon Store’’ our Amazon blog is here to answer your questions. When it comes to digital marketing, it is important to be well-informed to avoid throwing money out the window.

    Blog post on Amazon Ads

    What is the specificity of the Amazon Ads conversion channel? Internet users who visit Amazon are in an advanced phase of their conversion funnel. Indeed, they usually visit Amazon to meet a specific need. In addition to the security of the purchase that the Amazon platform provides, users are much more inclined to make a purchase than on other platforms. The conversion rate is therefore high. To learn more, consult our articles or our Amazon service page

    In addition to ensuring a profit margin, as an e-commerce professional, you must respect a certain number of qualification criteria to access this online sales platform. Including an active merchant account, that your brand is registered, that you have a Universal Product Code (UPC), that you have gone through the Amazon stocking process, etc.

    We’ll walk you through every step of getting your products on Amazon and help you create your paid campaigns, as well as create your product and company listings.

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