Google annonced the end of Universal Analytics (GA3) and the forthcoming of GA4

1st of July marks the end of Universal Google Analytics like we know it!

Today we ask your attention for a big change from Google that needs your attention!

As you know, the digital environment in which we have been evolving for several years has been changing drastically for some time. With the arrival of iOS 14.5 in April 2021, Apple has put the first rock in the new wall that constitutes the protection of consumer data.

Google has made several announcements in the year, including the abandonment of Google Analytics as we know it (Universal Analytics or GA3) today towards a direction more focused on artificial intelligence with the arrival of Google Analytics 4 ( says GA4).

We had already taken action in the past by proactively installing, for most of our customers, Google Analytics 4 in order to immediately start recording data on this new platform. Indeed, there is no possibility to recover the Data from GA3 in GA4, which is why we laid the first stone by performing these installations.

Some sites cannot yet accommodate GA4 for technical constraints, but the vast majority of our customers have still benefited from this basic configuration of the tool.
On Wednesday, March 16, Google announced the end date of Google Analytics (GA3).

Therefore on July 1, 2023 that Google Analytics (3) will be completely abandoned and will cease to function to make way for its new GA4 version.

Also, Google has also indicated that it will no longer update GA3 and that it is GA4 that will benefit from all the innovations to come.

This fairly massive change requires a certain reorganization of technical resources in order to provide quality targeting and the use of appropriate data.

This is why Rablab is in the process of setting up a technical squad to come and carry out the complete implementation of the new Google Analytics 4 system in order to respond to demand and follow the evolution curve that the web is taking.

We remind you that GA4 is a tool still considered “Beta” and of a certain complexity, which prevents the simple rapid connection without human intervention. This is why we are taking up the subject now, in order to soon offer you the same possibilities for monitoring your objectives / leads / sales as those you currently have with GA3.

The entire Rablab team

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