For quite some time now, a new digital trend has appeared. It allows you to reach your target outside the usual channels and to get the attention of an audience often captivated by other devices. It is the DOOH which is the acronym of Digital Out Of Home.


What does DOOH stand for?


The DOOH is outdoor advertising also called dynamic advertising display that materializes in public places. It gathers the different digital display panels that can be seen in urban spaces outside such as on bus stops, on highways, but also inside in shopping malls, subways or airports. This form of advertising is different from digital advertising on the Internet.

The DOOH is thus taking over the spaces formerly reserved for its predecessor:  the outdoor paper billboard. We can observe a digitalization of advertising panels, which has some advantages.


Some DOOH figures:


Media buyers seek greater reach:

  • 94% of buyers are interested in using DOOH to extend their reach;
  • 92% of buyers found that including Digital Out Of Home helped improve brand metrics.
(Source : Verizon Media, Step Outside with Us, 2020)

On its own, or as an extension of other digital channels, DOOH can reach 62% of the population after a 4-week In-Market campaign.

(Source : COMMB, 2021)

A call to action catches attention and encourages engagement on mobile devices, while driving in-store visits. 1 in 2 people conduct an online search after being exposed to a DOOH ad.

(Source : OOH Online Activation Study, Nielsen, 2017)

Being part of a consumer’s journey has an impact on the brand.

Consumers post on social media or visit brands’ social feeds after being exposed to display (25% on Instagram, 23% on Twitter and 38% on Facebook).


(Source : OOH Online Activation Study, Nielsen, 2017)


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What are the advantages and limits of Digital Out Of Home?


  • Digital billboards convey an innovative image, which has an impact on the brand image. Indeed, beyond the advertising message, they have a strong modern connotation which has been partly conveyed by some futuristic films in which digital screens already appear. The association of the screen with the brand then generates a positive effect.


  • The brand being present outside the more traditional digital devices, it improves the memorization of the message with the consumer as well as the proximity.


  • According to the creative strategies, the consumer has the opportunity to interact with the brand by having an experience at the advertising site.


  • Unlike traditional outdoor advertising, it is possible to analyze a multitude of data and optimize the advertising campaign to improve results.


  • Just like on demand side platforms for display and video, ad management is done in real time. Campaigns can be put online in a few clicks, at any time and all year round.


  • It is possible to precisely target locations, points of interest and segment its communication to reach the right audience.


Like any technology, the digital out of home has some limits:


  • The message must be short and concise. Imagine driving down the highway and having to read a full paragraph worthy of a synopsis…


  • Some inventories are very popular, so there is sometimes a strong competition, which can quickly increase the CPMs.


  • You must be aware of the broadcasting context and therefore adapt to cultural and legal requirements (for example, advertisements in Quebec must be in French)


  • Some signs allow video to be displayed. However, it is prohibited in certain places where it could be distracting, such as on the highway.


How to make a successful digital advertising campaign in DOOH?


There are certain aspects to respect in order to better understand a DOOH campaign:


  • Creativity is an integral part of a successful campaign. Indeed, it is necessary to succeed in catching the eye of the passers-by during the first two seconds.


  • Choose screen locations methodically to adapt its content to the context.


  • Combine mobile with DOOH to help measure and improve message recall.


  • Analyze results by tracking KPIs to adapt and improve future campaigns.


As you can see, the DOOH is becoming an essential part of your omnichannel media mix. At Rablab, we are able to assist you with a complete programmatic activation.


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