How to improve your campaigns with ad extensions?

How to improve your campaigns with ad extensions?


Google Ads extensions are a great way to add additional information to your ads. Google offers 11 types of extensions to showcase your company and get more clicks on your ads, “[…] giving users more incentive to choose your products or services.” according to their support guide on extensions.


Image extension


Let’s start with the last new feature of Google implemented in May 2021, the image extensions. Google knows, an image is worth more than 1000 words.

That’s why it is now possible to add an image to your text ads. Thanks to this, the ads are much more visual and improve performance. Provided that the image is of good quality, attractive and related to your keywords!

exemple d'extension d'images


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Sitelink extensions


Sitelink extensions allow you to add additional links and descriptions to your ads. A great way to give more information about your business and redirect customers to specific pages.

For each campaign or ad group, you can add up to 20 links, but only four will be visible.

Remember that when you add links, you occupy more space on the search page, which means more chances to be seen by the Internet users.

That’s why we recommend you to add 4 links to improve the visibility of your ads, with two lines of description per link.

exemple d'extensions Google Ads sitelink

Call out extensions


Callout extensions, or teaser extensions, allow you to highlight your value propositions like free shipping, lifetime warranty, 30-day returns and more. The information is displayed below your ad descriptions. This feature is important because it allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and increase click-through rates.

We recommend adding at least 4, but you can add up to 10, so why not take advantage of it to make the difference?

exemple d'extensions d'accroche Google Ads


Extensions snippets


Structured snippet extensions also allow you to add information to your ads. They offer the possibility to highlight your products or services.

Here is an example:

exemple d'extension snippets Google Ads

Google offers a predefined list of snippets:

liste de snippets pour extensions Google Ads

Call extension

As its name suggests it, the call extension allows you to add your phone numbers to your ads in order to get direct calls from your customers.

This extension has the advantage of facilitating the customer journey of the Internet user.

exemple d'extensions appel Google Ads

Location extension

The location extension allows you to include your address on your text ads. Just like the call extension, this improves the customer journey and guides the consumer easily.

If you have a physical store, we highly recommend adding it. This extension helps encourage users to visit your establishment by displaying your address.

exemple d'extension de lieu Google Ads


Affiliate location extension

This feature allows you to help users find retail stores that sell your products.

exemple d'extension de lieu affilié Google Ads

Lead form extension

This extension allows you to generate leads by submitting a form directly below your text ad. The form is displayed as a pop-up.

Again, this feature improves the user experience for the user, as it saves them extra clicks to provide their contact information and get the information they want.

exemple d'extension lead form

In addition, you can add a link to your website in your form to give the prospect the opportunity to learn more about your company or your offer.

App extension

The application extension allows you to create a link under your ad, redirecting the user to the Google Play or App Store download platform. The user clicks either on the ad or on the link to the application; thus, he gets the desired information in one click.

exemple d'extension d'application Google Ads

Price extension

The price extension allows you to indicate information on the prices of your products and services.

It allows you to guide the consumer quickly to the products and avoid frustrations that can sometimes be caused by the price. Thanks to this extension, the customer gets an overview of the brand’s price range, and we avoid the possible disappointment when discovering the price on the site. This limits “curiosity clicks”.

To add this extension, you must have at least 3, but you can add up to 8.

It is presented as a carousel. 

exemple d'extension prix Google Ads

Promotion extension

Like most extensions, the promotion extension allows you to showcase your business, highlighting your promotions and special offers. It is displayed below your ad and gives you the ability to specify details such as the special occasion, the date, if a promotional code is required etc.

Google offers 4 types of promotion categories:

– Discount percentage: X% discount
– Discount Amount: $X discount
– Up to Percentage discount: X% discount
– Up to Dollar Discount: $X discount

exemple d'extension de promotion Google Ads

Why should you use them?

Extensions have many advantages. More and more companies are using online advertising to generate sales. Google extensions are the way to improve the content of your ads and provide additional information to the users. Indeed, they can directly view promotions, prices, location, phone, to name a few. This gives consumers more reasons to choose you over a competitor.

Extensions can have a great impact on the performance of your campaigns. They allow you to lower the bounce rate, increase the click rate and consequently the conversion rate.

So, ready to use Ads extensions with our team of specialists? For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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