In 2016, what are the strategies to be adopted for maximum visibility? What practices will make the difference to your brand? It must have a constant questioning years after years of your strategies, what worked last year may be more topical today.

In 2016, we offer you the change, we offer you the maximum of our knowledge to increase your web growth. Indeed, we will discuss the strategy to have regarding your methodology concerning your keywords. The evolution of the various popular search engines (especially that of Google) brings a change to our SEO strategy. Are you ready for change in 2016?



At Rablab (or at home), in order to help you establish a good SEO strategy, we begin a study of keywords. Not long ago, the most widely used methodology was to get a list of keywords with the highest search results (estimated by Google’s Keywords Planner).

Have you ever heard SEOs (or SEO Pro’s) give you as logging to insert “exact” keywords into your texts? Take for example a company that sells sports equipment, if your advisor had found that the most wanted keyword was “sports equipment” in the singular, we had to use this term to optimize the search … But this is no longer relevant.

Indeed, several years ago, it was THE technique to use. Search engines used exact queries from visitors to rank the results in their databases. So it was indeed the pages that contained the most repetitions that were most likely to climb the rankings.

Nowadays, algorithms have become more complex and based on semantics, which changes the state of research. Indeed, Google seeks to evaluate the intention behind the query of the user who is doing a search. So we can have optimized a page for research ” sports equipment ” and not at all stand out on the query. By cons, here is the magic, a page titled ” sports equipment sales ” will make the headlines of Google!



The market is changing, so you have to adapt your strategy to the new reality. Who can help me? You are in the right place can guide you in your steps towards your new web strategy. Completed lists of keywords too accurate! Welcome to the lists of intentions, with some examples of requests for each one.

Everything happens by knowing his audience. Do you really know your audience? The advantage you have over your competition is spectacular. Ask yourself the following questions: “What are the problems facing my prospective client / prospect? How can we help him? What are his interests? You ask these questions will have major benefits on the visibility of your trade / image on the web. Remember, the SEO should want to push further than ” What is the number of monthly searches? ”

The Google Keyword Planner is still a good tool that can help but it is not enough to build your strategy. Indeed, you have to broaden your semantic field so that indexing robots understand what your site is talking about, regardless of the form used.

By leaning towards a long troll strategy (see photo), you lose some of the control of your positioning. But it’s been some time since we understood that it was better to look at the organic traffic and landing page performance.

Prioritize a strategy that will better target your potential clients. Example: a company that sells bicycles could develop maintenance training for their device, or directly address young people who have passions for cycling.



Well, the answer is that there is no perfect, but just the best ” optimized ” than others. In 2016, even if all elements of SEO (H1, H2. Alt, meta description, title tag) are still important, they are no longer sufficient to position your page in Google results. First, make the difference by avoiding duplication of content (to be banished absolutely), diversification, desired benefits of target customers and Google will reward you adequately.

But, if we have a general advice to give you it is this: Put your efforts on the quality of the content that you offer your audience. People (and Google) will thank you and your natural SEO will be more profitable.

You guessed it, it’s now the content (body page) that will make the difference in SEO, and we strongly believe in the logic of that. Picture yourself: What logic is there in offering pages with an over-optimized title (s) to attract visitors to poor page content? In the dusty old ways!

In 2017, you have to finger to write well for search engines. Write in a natural way, without over-straining the keywords. Stop repeating the same terms several times, bet on diversification and push your intention further.

The final word: offer value-added content for your audience (or future clientele), using rich vocabulary (this does not mean complicated). In this way you will increase the ergonomics of your website, which will better position you in the search engines and generate new customers!

Now go to your keyboards!

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