Am I in a Facebook tunnel? How to reach new customers? What is my target audience? Facebook? Yes, I like Facebook, but is this the only way to join them on the web? Am I caught in a tunnel? Maybe! What is the Facebook tunnel?



Easy – it’s when a company, organization or public figure spends all its web efforts in one community. In this case, the Facebook page.

Do you want my opinion? This is a great start. Several companies, organizations will first start with a Facebook page. Why? Since this is a great way to get known on the web, publish relevant content / articles and create a web community.

Speaking of community, one can easily reach its audience of a single clique and one understands better the reality of our market. Since it’s easy, everyone else or almost does it … But at one point you’re going to come to two obvious points. (There are others but here are the ones that emerge the fastest)

  • It’s impossible to reach all of my audience
  • People pass quickly in front of my publications

It is impossible that the audience of a company is in a place on the web. Today, our audience is on several platforms. In addition to considering the socio-demographic factor.

The other critical point is that people go by quickly. In 2016, people do not spend much time on a particular article, rather they will scroll quickly until they see a topic they are interested in.

This is where a good “social media” strategy is paramount. Several other tunnels exist now that will allow you to project your image further and create recurrence in your audience. Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. These are just a few names to add to your RP (public relations) arsenal.

The strategic addition of these accounts is paramount in order to reach our audience and tie them in with added value. Take note that not all social networks are adequate for all companies, that’s why I inserted the word “strategic” in my section.

In our next post, we will discuss the strategy to have to create web traffic!

Looking forward to hearing about your projects!

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