People who start paying for online traffic often forget an extremely important point: Conversion tracking!


Whether it is with Facebook ads that target people with interests in your products / services or in an Adwords ad that makes you appear in the first search results when a person types a specific phrase in Google, online marketing is One of the most accurate ways to speak to our target clientele.

Unlike a billboard or radio ad, people who will be exposed to your ads are, if done well, people who are actively looking for your services / products. They will therefore be more likely to contact you to get a quote or buy your products online.

Advertising on Facebook or Google is relatively accessible to the general public. Unfortunately, too many people are still spending money in non-performing advertising campaigns without even knowing about it.


Conversion tracking

With each platform comes a way to “tracker” or “follow” people who have gone through advertising and who have converted into a contact form or an online purchase.

The general idea is to redirect people to a successful page when it fills out a contact form or makes a purchase. Then we add a conversion code that speaks directly to the platform of Google or Facebook.

This allows us to accurately calculate the return on investment of our campaigns and optimize them accordingly. In an Adwords campaign, for example, we can invest campaign money in ad groups that have a higher conversion rate.

Over the course of a year, hundreds of dollars can be saved and reinvested in ads that have a better conversion rate. The most popular platforms like WordPress, Wix, etc. Allow to easily integrate the conversion codes into the success pages.


Here are some relevant links to get started:

The Pixel Facebook

The Adwords conversion code


Phone calls

Phone calls are by far the worst conversions in advertising campaigns. Few people know this, but calls coming from your website can also be tracked. There are services like that allow you to put a number generated by the platform on your website and redirect it to your company number. It is therefore possible to calculate the exact number of calls made on your website.

Facebook of the offer not yet, but with Google Adwords, it is possible to synchronize Callrail. People coming from an online ad will be exposed to a different phone number depending on the keyword entered in Google. If the person dials the number on the screen, Callrail will be able to tell Adwords which keyword led to an online conversion.

Google Adwords already offers this service for free, but after several months of testing the two platforms in parallel, Adwords does not yet seem to be able to record all the calls.


Return on Investment

Without our famous tracking, it would be impossible for us to optimize the advertising campaigns. We would rely on statistics that do not bring money directly into our customers’ pockets, such as click-through rates, clicks, or printing. Too many people are still satisfied with his statistics, which in the end do not bring much to them.

With tracking, we can establish a better strategy, choose the best advertising platform and justify investments that can be counted in tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Do what’s right for your business and make sure you have all your tracking in place before you invest in internet advertising.

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