How to convince your boss to invest in web marketing?

When talking about digital advertising, we can all remember extremely unpleasant experiences like intrusive pop-ups, banners that cover all the space on a site to the point where you wonder where is the content or 5 newsletters received in the same day by the same company. On the other hand, avoid doing digital advertising because it is irritating, it is throwing the baby out with the bathwater! Many companies have had fairy tale stories with web marketing, such as Fenty Beauty Rihanna’s cosmetics brand or creative trends tool ShutterStock’s. It’s not just the big companies that can take advantage of web marketing for their promotion, discover some strong points to convince your boss to invest in web marketing!


1.  Because you’re already late (sorry)


There was a time when advertisers turned to the web to boost their brands and promotions because their target audiences were young and typically spent more time on the internet. Although it is still true that young people use the web a lot, it would be wrong to say that other generations are not present on the internet!

Everyone uses the internet for all kinds of reasons. If you’re already excluding the web because your audience isn’t using the internet anyway, well think again! 80% of seniors have access to the internet at home and 47% of them consult the web more than once a day!

If you have no (zero, nada) presence of your brand on the web, we advise you at least to:

-Create a Facebook \ Instagram \ LinkedIn page for your business,

-Create a listing on Google My Business to be visible on GPS applications (Maps, Plans, etc.)

If you don’t know where to start, we can guide you !


2.  Because everyone is connected


Anecdote: I was going to name this point “Because everyone is on their phone”, except that it is false. It is not only the fact that almost everyone has a smartphone that makes promotion on the web so interesting, but also the fact that we use a variety of connected devices in the course of a day! We wake up, we watch the news quickly on our cell phone or tablet, during business hours we work on our office computer, I check the time on my smartwatch, we ask for information from Alexa or Google Home, we look at memes page between 2 meetings, you check the ingredients of your recipe on your mobile in the aisles of grocery stores, etc.

Every tiny moment spent on the web is an opportunity to reach people interested in your offer. For a marketing strategy to be effective, especially on the web, you must be present in the decision-making process of buyers. For example, according to Google, 69% of travel enthusiasts research this topic from their mobile in their spare time. If I’m in the travel industry, I must try to grab their attention no matter where they are in their buying process.


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3.  It’s not that expensive


A website is a great way to showcase your business and can be very profitable, whether your site is e-commerce or not. To put things in perspective, a website is available 24/7 and provides essential information to your future consumers. Is it your employee who costs you the least per hour ? In addition, there are several grants or tax credits that can help you with your technology needs, it is a question of searching a little!

In addition, the cost of advertising on the web is a cheap compared to traditional advertising. According to Les Affaires newspaper, a 30-second radio spot costs between $ 150 to $ 350… except that no one buys just one spot! We usually talk about an investment of several thousand dollars in a very short time. Meanwhile on the web, a lot of the advertising content you see works under the CPC principle (Cost-per-click), which means you only pay when people are interested enough in your ad to click on it. In addition, you know exactly how many people have seen your ad, from the number of impressions data. The vast majority of these impressions are free, which is not to be overlooked!


4.  It’s measurable


If you are trying to convince someone, this point can speak to the more cautious or the more numerate among them. A rather invisible part of our job as a marketer is to analyze and interpret the results of a campaign among the tsunami of information available to us, thanks to all our tracking tools. For example, in a SEM campaign (keyword buying), you can literally track every dollar spent!

Also, unlike traditional marketing, you can choose a specific audience. The more precise the audience is, the less you spend on advertising that reaches people who are not interested! For example, you offer eco-friendly menstruation products, do you really want to target men? The great thing about web marketing is that you know exactly how much you’re spending and who you’ve spent money on. No doubt about the audience and the outcome of your investment.


5.  New market at your fingertips


In the case of a website, in addition to being your employee who costs you the least annually, it is also your representative who costs you the least! A website is available at all times and also everywhere in the world (wow!). Google Analytics can give you a lot of information about who is visiting your site and where they are from, both geographically and the channel used to reach the site. Thanks to Google Search Console, we can cross data and see which keywords are the most used by region. It is a considerable advantage to have relevant statistics on sales by region or country in order to plan your marketing plan. This is also when a good search engine ranking can make a big difference and can help you establish your brand or expand into a new market!


6.  It’s not money thrown down the drain


The concept of investing is that the amount initially granted will be profitable and eventually produce more value than the initial amount. Digital marketing, when done well, is far from being a money trap!

In particular, SEO does not work under the principle of CPC (cost per click). The money invested in optimization remains on the site, even after the work is finished. It’s a bit like if you want to sell a house, SEO is the renovations that will give more value to the house. Buying advertising, I would compare that to home staging, it’s useful when you’re trying to promote, except once the house is sold it doesn’t necessarily keep any value. After the sale, we do not leave with the renovations, they stay there and continue to generate value long after their implementation!

If you ever want to know what can be done for your marketing, ask us!


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