Google Shopping: free, to help merchants

April 21, 2020, Google announced that Shopping ads will be free and added to the Google Shopping tab, effective on April 27, 2020 first in the United States. During the year 2020, this will be available in all countries to help small businesses. Paid ads will continue to appear in ad spaces and work the same as they do now.

This service is added to the list of free Google products like Gmail, Google My Business, Google Search, and more.

What effect on Google Shopping?


Buyers will have a greater choice of products in the online store under the Google Shopping tab. For retailers, this means that they will be able to advertise their products for free while adding new products to the Google platform.

If you are an existing Merchant Center and Shopping Ads user and have previously opted into the Google program, you may already be eligible to display your products for free and no further steps are required to take part of this.



How do I register?


To register, select “Growth” then “Manage programs” in the left navigation menu and select the “surfaces on Google” program card. You can also add products to your feed, to get even more available products in these free listings.


Talk to an expert


For new Merchant Center users who want to join this program, it’s open to you today and doesn’t require Google Ads, but Google is working on the onboarding process over the next few months. You can opt for Google Shopping during the Merchant Center sign-up process and start building your product listing.



Why make Google Shopping free?


The reason is very simple, since the coronavirus crisis which hit the whole world, its main competitor Amazon and CEO Jeff Bezos has seen his fortune increased by more than 20%. With these numbers published, Google wanted to respond and show that they too want to have a bigger market share on e-commerce platforms.

Google, through this strategy, wants to increase its traffic and the number of transactions on its platform, also by making several announcements such as the partnership with PayPal to promote purchases on the Google Shopping platform. It joins a list of partners such as Shopify, WooCommerce or Big Commerce.


As a reminder, in 2012 Google announced to make Google Shopping paid for merchants who want to distribute their articles on the platform and therefore, Google is backtracking in a strategy of expanding its service to merchants.

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