What is the best way to start a weekend camping debate with friends? Clearly, it is to try to start a fire. There will always be someone who will eventually say, “Well, no! It is not like that! Always start with newspaper at the bottom! “

When we are in the marketing campaign, the last thing we want to hear is to be told how to do it. We bathe every day in social media and AdWords campaigns. Let’s be honest, we are the experts and that is why people hire us. However, when a client wants to understand how his campaign is structured and to better understand how he invested his money, it is our duty to be transparent.

We were recently approached by a customer who said he was unhappy with his current marketing company. He asked us to take a look at it. On the other hand, the company Web Marketing X (in order to remain anonymous) refused telling the customer that the account was their property. It seemed absolutely absurd that this kind of comment emerged and of course we questioned their transparency.

It’s exactly like when I go to the garage for my car. When the mechanic tells me that he has changed a part, I still require the piece to confirm two things:

1- Was the room really faulty?

2- Did the mechanic really change the room for which I paid?

If the mechanic refuses, you can believe me that I will never set foot again.

There is a tremendous resemblance with our web marketing agency. If you have any questions, we will be an open book and you will have access to all the information without any cachoterie.

That, in our opinion, is one of our strengths. Customers call us and have questions. We are always there to answer and give all the information to the customer.

That’s what’s hard in our field. What we sell is intangible. Yes, we can see the results over time and the customers are satisfied. However, they do not necessarily know how it works. Customers pay an “X” amount and most have no idea what is being done on a day-to-day basis.

Can we agree that there is room for many charlatans who can rob people by selling services for which they do not spend half the time agreed with the client?

We’ve already opened AdWords accounts where the client paid over $ 150 a month to manage their account for more than a year. By the time we logged into the account to see the latest optimizations made, we jumped when we noticed that no one had touched the account since its creation.

Below is a checklist we use for each of our new clients. The answers we get are sometimes appalling.

  • With which domain provider is your name registered?
  • Who is the owner of your domain name and who pays for the renewal?
  • Who controls your domain name and who is the benchmark if we need to make updates?
  • Where is the domain hosted and once again, who is in charge of DNS changes?
  • Are the emails associated with the domain? Who treats them?
  • How do you access the server?
  • What are the FTP details of the website?
  • What is the type of website?
  • Do you have administrator access?
  • If you need to make a change on your website, is there a person assigned for last minute changes?
  • Who created and managed your Google My Business profile?
  • Do you have administrator access?
  • Google Analytics. Who are the administrator access holders? How many people can terminate your account?
  • Google AdWords. Who are the administrator access holders?
  • How many people can terminate your account?
  • Google Search Console. Who are the administrator access holders? How many people can terminate your account?
  • Google Tag Manager. Who are the administrator access holders? How many people can terminate your account?
  • What social media platforms does your company use at this time? Do you have access to all of your accounts?
  • Do you have a picture bank that can be used for marketing purposes?
  • Where is this bank located and how do you share the bank’s access with the companies?
  • Do you have a bank of models and designs that you have used in the past, including logos for example?
  • Do you have access to these?

It may sound barbaric as a questionnaire and the majority of company owners seem uncomfortable to respond. When they realize they are not in control, as “basic” as their Facebook page, business owners have often a reminder to reality … That’s where we go. As a marketing professional, we are responsible for operating according to best practices, ensuring that our customers are protected, and by default … we too!

There is no reason to keep things secret. If you’re dealing with “Web Marketing X”, they charge you a monthly management fee and no one has been in the account for six months, that would explain why they do not want to give you access to it …

A well-functioning campaign is a pride in itself, which is why it will be our pleasure to give them to customers who, by the way, have, paid for!

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