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    Growing your online market through the world’s largest shopping site can be a profitable avenue for your e-commerce. With the arrival of third-party sellers on Amazon, anyone can access the platform and make it bloom. Year after year, Amazon continues to break online sales records. In the USA, there are about 153 millions Prime account subscribers (out of a population of 335 million, which is just under 50% of the population!). In Canada, approximately 2 million Prime accounts are listed across the country.

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    Advertising and Organic Optmization

    At Rablab, we understand that we could no longer ignore this booming market. First, we offer ad management on the Amazon Ads network. Similar to its competitors like Google, Amazon Ads has 3 types of advertising in order to reach its audiences: Amazon Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands ads and Amazon Display Ads. Effective management of advertisements on this network increases your ROI (return-on-investment).


    Also, we offer the organic optimization of your product sheets and your Store. Another similarity with Google, it is possible to optimize your content to increase its visibility on Amazon’s search engine and make you reach the top positions of search results organically.

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    Ready to start an Amazon campaign?

    01 / Amazon Ads for your products

    The ad management platform basically allows you to appear on 3 different ad formats: product listing sponsorship, branding ads, and web banners. Using keyword research tools specifically designed for Amazon’s algorithm such as Jungle Scout, we target the right keywords to put in your ads and how to optimize them over the months. The particularity of Amazon Ads is that it hardly requires any design. The requirements for the types of ads are minimal, namely a good quality picture on a white background and you are all set for Sponsored Brand of Display Ads.

    Learn about the ad formats available on Amazon.

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    02 / For your brand

    You know better than anyone that your products are meant to be used together. With Amazon’s advertising tools, you have access to campaigns to help you grow your brand. First, you can register your brand in the Brand Registry, a simplified process similar to intellectual property for Amazon. With your claimed Brand in hand, we can set up campaigns aimed at reaching new audiences who may be interested in your products or introduce new ones to your current customers.

    03 / Amazon Store

    How do we know if all our efforts have been successful? Based on the objectives that we targeted at the time of the Halfway between SEO and advertising, Amazon Stores give you access to a space dedicated to your brand. Like a mini-site, you can build your Store right on Amazon without needing to code anything. In addition, the Store offers some possibilities for organic optimizations.

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    04 / SEO for the A9 search engine

    Amazon’s search engine is called A9. Each search engine has its own particularities in order to make its rankings. Both similar and different from Google, your manager will know how to adapt to this search engine to maximize the SEO potential of your Amazon listings. Even before you put money into advertising, listing optimization can have a huge impact on your sales. Let our experts increase your organic visibility on Amazon.



    Working with Rablab means


    Consulting campaign statistics feels endless to you? Our statistical reports are sent to you on a monthly basis, which allows you to have a brief portrait of your results without going into too much detail. In addition, the format of our reporting allows you to gather relevant information quickly and does not leave you in an artistic blur. You will be aware of everything in order to make the best decisions for your campaigns.

    A dedicated manager

    Our agency model propels the expertise of our managers. From your quote request, we support you in each step of the development of your Amazon Ads optimization project. Some clients have doubts about lacking contact with their specialist or for not really understanding what we do, not with us! With a dedicated manager and assessments meetings, your vision of the project will be clear as day.

    Recurring optimizations

    Once the campaigns are launched, is it over? Absolutely not! Despite all the predictions we can make, there is nothing better than analyzing the actual performance of your campaigns once they’re launched. We have developed a recurring optimization process that maximizes the impact of your campaigns and allows us to detect new niches that could be profitable for you.


    Thanks to the recurring optimization process, we closely follow the evolution of your account. Rest assured that we won’t sit idly by when an opportunity to grow your sales arises.

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    No, you must share with us an access to an already created account and from which you are the owner. Just like your Business Manager account or your Google Ads account, you share access to your platform with us.

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    Without evaluation of your products and their characteristics, it is difficult to definitively say yes or no. That said, very expensive objects (jewelry for example), products with complex mechanics or objects with irregular dimensions are listed by Amazon themselves as being rather difficult niches to make profitable.