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There are many ways to do web marketing, depending on your business, some are better for you than others.

Let’s start by checking out what kind of service we provide for your business and see what is best for you!  You could be doing Google Ads, SEO, Social media ads and so on, but which one is best for you?


SEO is short for ”Search Engine Optimization”.  Basically, we will optimize websites directly in the code to make sure that Google’s robots like your content and rank you higher in the results!  SEO is a long term game, but it’s worth it.  Mainly because you do not pay for your traffic like with Google Ads.


SEM is short for ”Search Engine Marketing”.  Either you want to pay too quickly be in the results of Google, Bing or YouTube, with SEM, you will pay per click every time someone clicks on your ad.

Google Ads is more expensive than SEO in the long run, but it is worth it!  You will be able to rank for thousands of keywords and you won’t need a thousand pages!


SMM is short for ”Social Media Marketing”.  It is best for getting people to know your product or your service.  People on Google are actually looking for something.  But with social media, you are able to target people based on their interests or habits.

SMM is great for ”creating need” and we love to use it with business that need to get out there!


CRO stands for ”Conversion Rate Optimization”.  Technically, we could send an infinite amount of qualified traffic on your website, but if your website is converting at 0.5% instead of 5%, the outcome is totally different, and at the end of the day, you will spend the same amount on ”paid ads” or SEO.

Conversion rate is super critical and we can help you improve it!