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    Does your effort in organic optimization help you to rank on search engines?

    Is it complex to “do SEO” on your site? It can quickly become so when there is no planning involved in the first place!

    Thanks to our experts in the field of organic optimization, the path to the best positions on the search engines is a process that we know inside and out. Google and other search engines will never reveal the secrets of their algorithms and their ranking criteria. But after years of development, we have refined a method to optimize organic traffic that produces results in line with your business objectives.

    Indeed, our efficient working method has been built on hundreds of organic optimization projects carried out in recent years and on very thorough technical studies in this area. Whether you are a small, medium or large company, we have made a difference with our partners, whichever their marketing goals are.

    Nothing makes us more proud than seeing the companies we help reach new heights! Let’s start a seo optimization project together today?  

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    1 – Organic is our expertise

    Cumulating to each other more than 15 years of combined expertise, our SEO specialists make up a strong, resourceful team who, of course, are on the lookout for the latest developments in our industry. In our web referencing agency, we recruit and train the best talents in order to offer the best results to our clients!

    2 – Transparent approach

    The most difficult thing in any digital enhancement is to have the full picture of your efforts. With Rablab, no more ostentatious abstract presentations on not so tangible concepts. Here, we want to speak a language that makes sense for you and we make it our duty to give you the truth, in complete transparency.

    3 – Collaborative work

    The key to success in SEO is the synergistic work of all stakeholders on the project! Both at the level of seo copywriting, integration, UX, web development, all these partners must be in synergy in order to deploy the maximum results. Moreover, what is SEO if not just one brick among many in your marketing strategy? As we also offer our extensive expertise in SEM, SMM and programmatic, our teams of experts help put forward all aspects of your marketing!

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    The most important step in the SEO improvement process is definitely the qualification of the work to be done. Organic SEO is a mix of a multitude of small factors that allow you to rank your website on Google, Bing and other search engines. As each website and each industry are different, we must take into consideration your specific issues and properly measure the impacts of future work on your current site, in addition to external elements such as your competitors. A local SEO agency offers to help you with your organic referencing without prior analysis? Beware!

    Moreover, smart marketers use several SEO tools to advanced analysis like SEMrush, Screaming Frog or Moz to get the whole picture. They help us determine your positioning in relation to your competitors and define the stages of organic improvements that need to be done. We will do a free SEO audit of your market and carefully study your website, relevant keywords and all the technical aspects.

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    William et Roland - employés de l'agence de marketing web rablab


    The Rablab philosophy on SEO is as follows: quickly generate the maximum results for the minimum effort. All our search engine optimization projects start up in 2 phases.

    The first consists of working on the crucial (often technical) elements that were detected during the initial analysis. We put several aspects of your site on a good technical basis in a short period of time to indicate to the search engines that the site is in an optimization phase or cycle. We target specific beacons that are quickly recognized by search engines to improve your average position.

    It is also at this stage that we set in motion the organic optimizations via the creation of a strong and relevant keywords mapping for your industry and your competitors, enrichment of the content and improvements to the “crawl” of your website via an essential SEO platform : Google Search Console.

    The second step is SEO optimization on a monthly basis following the start of the project. After several hours of changes to your site the first few months, Google needs time to absorb the optimizations and redefine your positioning. During this period, we continue to improve technical elements and improve content, semantics and your keyword density in order to continue driving results. This phase takes place over several months (see years!).


    How do we know if all our efforts have been successful? Based on the objectives that we targeted at the time of the analysis, each month we produce a summary of the situation on your website in accordance with your priorities. The analysis phase is recurring and is just as important as the other aspects of your SEO. It’s good to know where we come from, it’s even more important to know where we are going!

    Thanks to personalized reports produced in real time with Google Data Studio, we connect all your analysis tools to create an overview of your efforts on the web, easy to understand and which gives you insights on your web presence. 

    Our in-depth expertise in data analysis will allow you to get expert advice on industry best practices and compare your site among hundreds (if not thousands) of others.

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    Hotjar_sxo tools used in web marketing at rablab


    How did Amazon become the web giant it is today? Their “customer obsessed” attitude and the fluidity of the purchasing process is a good part of the reason why it has become the colossal e-commerce empire we know today.

    When it comes to good organic SEO, the content is as important as the container! But what does that mean? The website should be easy to understand and instinctive for your future customer. UX (user experience) is essential to ensure that each button, each paragraph, each product page has meaning in a web page and that each element is relevant. 

    Combined with the work of natural referencing (SEO), SXO makes it possible to achieve maximum functionality while remaining aesthetic. A bunch of tools like Hotjar & Crazyegg analyze your user behavior and guide us to recommend simple changes that generate value.



    The best parallel between SEO and real life is like planting a garden! Once the seeds are sown, it should be forgotten a little. But once the garden begins to produce, be ready for the positive benefits! As mentioned before, it’s not possible to generate results in the very short term. Think strategically and in the long term when you reflect on your SEO!


    Income does not come without a customer. We are constantly working on optimizing your SEO in order to attract as many clients as possible, whether you are a B2B or B2C type of business. But not just any, only those most relevant to your product or service. Even though it’s not possible to target as carefully as with paid search, social media, or even programmatic advertising, we will make sure to get you the most qualified organic traffic possible by setting up relevant content.


    It is the promise of having a team of dedicated, involved and proactive experts in order to bring your project to fruition. The key to success lies in communication and discussion. You can count on our collaboration to bring your project to the top!


    The answer to the question “How much does it cost to work with an online SEO agency? “ will never generate the same answer. The beauty of organic SEO is that it is an investment in your digital strategy. It is one of the pillars of your online presence, it is essential to understand the financial impacts that SEO has on your overall strategy! Every project that arrives at Rablab goes through a qualification phase and a meticulous SEO audit carried out by one of our experts (always free of charge). We then always go through an insurance quality phase carried out with another specialist in order to guarantee the best possible estimate.



    Every website is unique and the appropriate SEO strategy will vary depending on the needs of each business. You can contact us at any time to get an estimate!

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    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is, explained roughly, increasing the visibility of your website on Google and other search engines. Also called organic referencing, its goal is to increase the quality, the  understanding, but above all the positioning of a website, within the results of search engines.

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    Domain Authority is a score from 0 to 100 that was developed by Moz, a leading SEO leader in the world. The higher a website’s rating, the more value / credibility it has in the eyes of Google, and the more likely it is to rank well.

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