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    Be there where your audience already is with social network marketing, whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat or more!

    Social medias are now one of the essential elements of your communication strategy. As proof, billions of people on the planet are subscribed to one or another of the social applications that exist. For social media advertising, a handful of apps stand out: the Business Manager which includes Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Snapchat for Business, Pinterest Ads and recently TikTok for Business.


    What can social media advertising do for my business?

    While social media is fun and great for peer-to-peer communication, what’s the benefit of advertising on these platforms?

    With content created organically for your social media, you reach out to fans of your brand in a privileged way. Those who love you don’t see your content as an intrusion and this greatly influences your customer loyalty. The effective management of your community on your social networks also brings other future customers to know you through engagement on your publications, shares or contests.

    However, it’s about 2-15% of your subscribers that you join with the organic content created for your page (typically). Social networks must measure the percentage of content generated by brands in order to keep the experience on their platform pleasant for all. In addition, the possibilities to segment its audience via the organic platform are practically non-existent.

    With social media advertising, you will be able to reach a much larger share of users, in addition to gaining access to premium ad placements and formats that are not available organically. So, your social media marketing strategy must include an advertising component in order to truly reach your target audience.

    Marketing Médias sociaux


    1 – Precise audiences

    You know your customers well, but how do you reach them effectively? With social media advertising, sometimes referred to as SMO (Social Media Optimization), precise targeting helps get your message out to those who are interested. The variables used for your segmentation are different from one social platform to another. In addition, building an audience is not just based on demographics, like age or gender, but also on user behaviors, such as those who have already visited your site or those who are on vacation in a new city.


    2 – Be present when it counts

    Between 4000 and 10,000 per day. This is the number of ads that the average person would be exposed to per day, according to Forbes. The relevance and impact of an advertisement are essential to stand out from the crowd. So is the moment of the day the ad is running! At Rablab, we set up social media marketing that promotes both the discovery of your brand and the consideration to lead to the purchase or the generation of prospects.


    3 – Grow your community

    It is well known that one-off consumers are not viable for your business in the long term. Your customers, satisfied by your products, will increase the recognition of your brand and social networks allow them to act as ambassadors. With social marketing, several types of campaigns are available to you to improve your brand awareness.


    Marketing Médias sociaux



    You are sitting on a gold mine without knowing it! The history in your Facebook Ads account contains a lot of information on which your assigned expert will use to create your campaigns. Any social media management agency that offers you to advertise without analysing your past actions is slightly overconfident in their process. After analyzing your past performance, we can better define and produce our recommendations for the next steps.

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    You might be surprised how many clients don’t have a clear idea of ​​what goals they want to accomplish before they think about investing in social media! There are so many different types of campaigns, goals, strategies, and even different account structures that it’s hard to deliver results without knowing what the goal is. To build your future in collaboration with us, we need to know what you want to accomplish!

    Would you like to increase your online sales? Do you want registrations for your event? Are you interested in developing your name in a new market? These are all questions that are examples of what Rablab can help you with. Discussing your goals in depth will allow us to build you the best strategy!


    It’s the moment where there is a bit of excitement in the air! It’s the moment we start the implementation of the campaigns and also where we start to brainstorm your campaign’s visual identity. To make sure every ads format has the chance to shine, whether it’s banner, video or stories, your campaigns are built to help you achieve your goals.

    Also, setting up your social campaigns before the campaigns start is a crucial step in the advertising process. Indeed, well-mounted campaigns are based on solid foundations to continue to grow. It’s more than normal to take the time to get it right before running the social media ads. And since everything is digital, nothing is set in stone! Campaigns can always be changed along the way.

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    We won’t hide it from you, 2021 was a year of twists and turns in the SMM world. Indeed, the changes made to IOS 14.5 have greatly reduced the possibility of extracting data from Facebook / Instagram campaigns. The change made by Apple on the IOS 14.5 makes the use of the Facebook Pixel moribund. Without Pixel data, data tracking is a lot more complex.

    This is why at Rablab we have chosen to be proactive and find effective solutions to allow our clients to benefit from their investments and fully understand the performance of their campaigns. This change is still being rolled out, but as of yet, we haven’t come to the conclusion that social media marketing campaigns are useless (far from it!).


    Increase your revenue

    It’s no surprise that social media ads are a big growth driver. Some of our clients make a living only from this. While for others, it is one of many marketing offensives in their advertising environment. The secret remains in the planning of your investments.

    Increase your traffic

    Income does not come without customers. Your repeat customers and your new customers need to be approached differently. The quantity (and more specifically the quality) of your traffic is paramount to generating income. More interested people =  most of the time more money!

    Control your cost

    Web marketing is in our DNA. We know just how easy it is to spend money on an advertising platform without significant return. Our campaign managers are here to help you avoid falling into the trap of platform complexity and will put in place a smart placement strategy that will help keep costs profitable.


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