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  • Real Time Bidding explained by a programmatic expert
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  • Disappearance of third-party cookies. What is the impact on programmatic?
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    What is programmatic marketing? Good question! Programmatic marketing is an advertising service that differs from the Google Display Network. It brings a much more relevant reach of marketing campaigns thanks to a more precise delivery network, a better and wider ad targeting than the latter platform. RTB (Real Time Bidding) offers flexibility and greater opportunities in the choice of tactics and campaigns. Programmatic media buying provides the ability to target the right audiences at a certain stage of their buying process. In order to create a certain campaign storytelling, the diversity formats fits of programmatic marketing. Learn more about the latest programmatic services and ad spaces and discover the target audience of programmatic!

    Rablab is a web marketing agency specialized in programmatic advertising and has several partnerships or high-end agreements such as Quebecor and La Presse. These partnerships allow us to deliver your ads locally. This marketing specialty being new, we invite you to consult our articles on the subject in the programmatic category of our blog.

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    Learn more about supply path optimization or the header bidding revolution and its impact on programmatic with our marketing experts. You want to know everything about Real Time Bidding. A programmatic article and its advertising campaigns is available for you!

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