Take your banner and video delivery strategy to the next level with a selection of premium placements in the digital advertising environment.

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    Results-based programmatic advertising

    Have you assessed the relevance of using programmatic advertising in your digital marketing strategy?

    For several years now, programmatic advertising has been a fixture in the marketing plans of the world’s leading brands (and their agencies), revolutionizing the design and performance of advertising delivery in the digital ecosystem.

    At Rablab, our specialists are highly efficient at managing this type of campaign with a view to achieving the defined objectives, whether these involve conversion or awareness.

    avantages de la programmatique


    1 – Precise targeting

    Programmatic media buying makes it possible to target the right audiences, in favourable contexts, at specific stages of the buying process. It’s a marketing manager’s dream… In addition, thanks to our agreements with players such as Quebecor and La Presse, you get to support local media outlets and display your ads locally on a quality network.

    2 – Purchasing space in real time

    Since media buying is done through real-time bidding (RTB), we can be very flexible and seize opportunities when choosing campaign tactics.

    3 – A large inventory of websites

    The vast choice of sites and applications open to programmatic marketing lets us optimize performance and manage the quality of our placement while enjoying much more relevant reach than on a solution like the Google Display Network.

    4 – A multitude of formats

    Using programmatic advertising’s wide variety of activation formats, you’re able to reach your target at different stages and create a kind of campaign-scale storytelling. Depending on your strategy and needs, we can activate different formats such as video, banner and even audio and smart TV concepts.

    avantages de la programmatique

    Vans Canada’s digital strategy includes programmatic investments.

    01 / Our tools

    As an agency specializing in digital marketing performance, we make sure to use the best tools available on the market. These include:

    • Display & Video 360

    • Campaign Manager

    • Amazon Advertising

    • StackAdapt

    programmatique display et vidéo
    Campagnes programmatique


    After validating your business and campaign objectives, we configure your campaigns with our tools—as always, using a granular approach that has twofold benefits: letting us better optimize and surfacing relevant and specific findings.


    As we’re always aiming to maximize the performance of our accounts, we closely monitor campaign results by environment, format, audience and type of creative content.

    automatisations programmatique

    04 / Results analysis

    Once the campaign’s over, we provide not only the results according to the relevant metrics, but also and above all our insights, findings and recommendations for continuous improvement.


    Working dynamically and proactively

    The people working in the programmatics department stay up to date on all the new developments in the sector and are tasked with proactively managing our clients’ campaigns. If an opportunity arises, we let you know as soon as possible.

    Endorsing a data- and results-oriented vision

    Whether they’re working on SEM campaign management, on SMM campaign management, on SEO optimization or on programmatic campaign management, our managers validate their intuitions and hypotheses using data and optimize their decisions based on their client’s business objectives.

    Vans Canada’s digital strategy includes programmatic investments.

    Programmatic FAQ

    Programmatics is a digital tool that lets you purchase advertising spaces in real time. It’s what makes it possible to, among others, place display banners and video or audio content through real-time bidding (RTB) on demand-side platforms (DSPs).

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    Campaign managers purchase ad space using a demand-side platform. These platforms let you bid in real time on marketplaces called ad exchanges, which hold competitive auctions to win the desired placement. Publishers sell their available advertising space—premium and otherwise—on these ad exchanges.

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